Women Entrepreneurs – WE-ACE Workshop Series

Dr Tom Peach Written by Tom Peach
Published on 08 March 2020
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WE-ACE is a program of workshops for early- and mid-career female entrepreneurs and those with entrepreneurial ambitions with a focus on leadership and negotiation.


In 2018 Innovation Forum Oxford (IFO) created ACE (Awareness, Connectivity, Exchange) Saturdays–a series of workshops aimed at nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst academic and clinical researchers in the sciences at the University of Oxford.


Feedback from participants and experts over two-years of workshops highlighted a particular need for more female-focussed training and initiatives to address the unequal representation of women entrepreneurs.


Responding to this as a call to action, IFO has collaborated with two experts, Milly Sinclair and Ellen J., to develop a unique, tailored programme to support women achieve their entrepreneurial goals and solve new challenges in the world.


The program will run over three Saturdays, in April, May and June, covering the following themes…


Day One: What do I stand for? How do I embody this in the world?

Day Two: Negotiation and Deal-Making

Day Three: Stepping forward with confidence and courage


The workshops will be tailored to participant’s individual needs with pre-workshop discussion and follow-up material.


Thanks to generous support from the Medical Research Council we are delighted to be able to offer the program free of charge to participants. However, space will be limited due to the focussed nature of the workshops and participants will need to guarantee attending all sessions (April 18th, May 16th and June 13th in Oxford).


To apply to the program please email [email protected] and include…

  • A brief bio of yourself (100 words)
  • A statement of how you feel you would benefit from the WE-ACE training (100 words)

For more information on previous years’ (2018 and 2019) ACE-Saturdays Workshops click here and here.

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