Dr Mira Kassouf

President - Innovation Forum Oxford

Dr Mira Kassouf is a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford. Her research interest lies in gene regulation and her current work addresses how certain sequences of DNA act as “on/off switches” for genes in red cells.

Mira believes in the academics’ untapped potential as innovative entrepreneurs. As a founding member of the Innovation Forum Oxford, she has supported her local academic ecosystem since 2015 through organising events that not only inspire and educate but also connect entrepreneurially-inclined academics with like-minded peers and enablers.

As the current president of the Innovation Forum Oxford, Mira focuses with her team on synergising with Oxford stakeholders to affirm Oxford's position on the national and international innovation map. Hosting The Leaders Conference 2017 in Oxford has to be the highlight of her local leadership period to date.

Stay tuned for news on the A.C.E. Saturdays 2018 program, a series of workshops that will empower participants to make greater personal contributions to Oxford’s knowledge economy.

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