Dr Grant Vallance

Operations Associate

Information Manager in the NHS

Grant is an Information Manager in Oxford working in the Department of Clinical Haematology of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. His work has formed the basis of many publications and a number of successful grants. His work has also saved the Trust £100000s of pounds and freed up human resources for alternative deployment. He led the development and implementation of a novel information asset register for the Trust. Among other things he is working on an innovative data repository for venous occlusive disease (a complication of blood and bone marrow stem-cell transplantation).

Grant leads a Master's module in the Department of Continuing Eduction on clinical trial protocol development in Experimental and Translational Therapeutics programme. See: https://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/courses/how-to-do-research-on-therapeutic-interventions-protocol-preparation?code=B900-35. Within this module he has taught or teaches research ethics, data managment, clinical trial protocol governance and development.

Grant's PhD is in ethics and the philosophy of science. It focused on the use of the natural sciences to justify normative and ethical claims. His Masters is in bioethics. It focused on the relationship between virtue ethics and the natural sciences. His undergraduate degree is in Biochemistry, with an emphasis on genetics and molecular biology.

Other team Members

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President - Innovation Forum Oxford

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