Dr Galbha Duggal

Business Development Director

Galbha Duggal is a Postdoctoral Scientist in stem cell biology and neuroscience at the University of Oxford. Outside research, she is a sports enthusiast, has been selected to play basketball at national level in India and the Middle East and is a trained Indian classical dancer.

Originally from India, Galbha has been a globetrotter, from completion of her schooling in India and Oman, graduation from Dubai and Newcastle to her PhD from Belgium, she has absorbed the cultures of different places and people, allowing her to fit into different working environments with ease.

Hailing from a business-savvy family, Galbha always wanted to do ‘something different and help people’, and has made her own path to find her place as a scientist, with her research work published in several scientific journals. Having joined the Innovation Forum Oxford in 2017, she has already played an instrumental role in co-organising the event ‘From Discovery to Impact’, an event focusing on group leaders and the how-to’s of commercialising research ideas. She is ambitious and aims to nurture her skills to grow both as an academic researcher and an entrepreneur.

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