Lord David Willetts to Deliver Opening Keynote Speech at The Innovation Forum Leaders Conference 2017

Written by Dr Marek Tyl
Published on 11 July 2017
2 min. read

Brexit has watermarked Britain’s future and has thrown not only the country but the whole scientific community into an enigma with a desperate need to stabilize its critical condition.  This may affect Britain tapping into shared science and funding as well as discouraging scientific talents globally.  What becomes of access to EU funding for many start-up companies?  What about R&D funding in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries?  With post-Brexit malaise, the true impact of Brexit will largely depend on how the government, industry, academics and start-ups rally to respond to this scientific shockwave.  This year’s 4th Global Innovation Forum Leaders Conference will address these topics and help link early-stage ventures with investment and support industry-academic partnerships to drive bio-medical innovation in Britain.  The conference takes place on 4th and 5th December in Oxford, UK and will not only showcase Oxford’s booming biotech scene but will feature noteworthy renowned speakers. 

Opening the conference we are delighted to announce Rt. Hon Lord David Willetts, Former Minister for Universities and Science, who will talk about ‘The Global Innovation Agenda.’  To follow, the Opening Executive Panel featuring Dr. Yong Jun Liu, Global Head of R&D at Sanofi looks into the future and discusses where bioinnovation can take us in 20 years. 

Dr. Jonathan Milner, Deputy Chairman and Founder of Abcam plc., serial entrepreneur and philanthropist will deliver a keynote on day two focusing on investing in people and building a company in this day and age, specifically ‘How to Build a Company Culture’. 

In addition, carefully selected workshops and breakout sessions will highlight this year’s trending fields such as epigenetics, immuno-oncology and artificial intelligence as well as entrepreneurial sessions on business funding and support for start-ups.  The conference also features the finals of the IMAGINE IF! 2017 Accelerator – a global competition featuring a top 20 amazing science-based start-ups pitching for funding to a panel of esteemed investors and industry executives. 

The ‘Apply to Attend’ process ensures a selective high calibre audience and results in a good mix of industry, academia and policy makers all making great connections.  The Forum is a fantastic opportunity for bringing the key people together – academia, industry and policy makers – partnership opportunities, investment and mentorship. 

For more information and to apply to attend please visit www.inno-forum.org/if2017

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