IMAGINE IF! 2020/2021 Accelerator — Meet the Oxford Mentors and Apply Now!

Dr Tom Peach Written by Tom Peach
Published on 27 September 2020
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Do you have a scientific idea with the potential to become an entrepreneurial success?

How would bespoke mentorship from leaders in the Oxford ecosystem – tailored to both your needs and timetable – propel your idea to the next stage?

How could the Oxford prize of a residency at the Barclays Eagle Lab and Wood Centre for Innovation transform your team and venture?

What if you had the opportunity to pitch at the global IMAGINE IF! competition in Barcelona to a panel of international investors?


Apply to the IMAGINE IF! Accelerator Here




You can read more about previous local and global winners Oxford BioMe and how important IMAGINE IF! was to their success here.



Winners of the Oxford IMAGINEIF! final will be offered a residency at the Barclays Eagle Lab and Wood Centre for Innovation in Headington. The prize includes access to bespoke mentoring and funding opportunities, combined with the space and support needed to scale your venture in an environment dedicated to accelerating early stage science and technology companies.



IMAGINE IF! is a global accelerator with a dedicated program of mentorship and the opportunity to pitch to an investor panel to win non-dilutive capital and six-month’s lab space. The competition is tailored to early state ideas with a particular focus on technology and science that transforms healthcare and the environment. The competition is run by Innovation Forum as Local Finals tied to Innovation Forum branches (like Oxford) and a Global Final of winners from across the globe.

Hear more about the IMAGINE IF! Program from Iwan Roberts, Innovation Forum CEO, below:

IMAGINE IF! is unique in providing a tailored mentoring program to all local finalists to develop entrepreneurial ideas and pitches with the seasoned expertise of those who have seen this journey many times. Oxford finalists will also be particularly well-supported with access to our successful ACE-Saturday workshops.


More information on how to apply to IMAGINE IF! is available here.


Oxford Branch Mentors for 2020/21 


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