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Dr Tom Peach Written by Tom Peach
Published on 12 June 2019
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“Good ideas need good strategy to realize their potential”

Reid Hoffman, Founder, LinkedIn


As part of Innovation Forum Oxford’s (IFO) commitment to accelerating the development of innovative science and technology, IFO is collaborating with INSTA Associates to build INSTA-Insights:


an online platform that will provide free strategy acceleration services to researchers and early stage science ventures.


INSTA Associates support researchers in exploring the commercialisation path of science-based ideas as well as entrepreneurs in tackling the challenges of early stage ventures. These ideas and ventures have the potential to solve some of the world’s biggest problems but carry, like all start-ups, a high risk of failure. 


To help your venture avoid common pitfalls and develop strategy for success, IFO and INSTA Associates invite scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals, and entrepreneurs to embark on the co-creation journey of INSTA-Insights. The more we understand about your needs and approach to building your venture, the better platform we can give you.


The co-creation journey starts with this survey:


The survey should take no more than a few minutes to complete and the responses will remain anonymous. Your contribution would be much appreciated and most helpful if sent in by the 18thJune 2019


 The co-creation journey continues, if you wish, with:

  • “Strategy for Start-ups” workshop on Saturday July 13th 2019. The workshop is part of the A.C.E. Saturdays program, a series of five workshops delivering the basic business skills through “learning by doing”. You can register for the “Strategy for Start-ups” workshop following this link.
  • Focus Groups 1 and 2, Friday 28th June, Oxford (location to be confirmed) where we will discuss the result of this survey and get crystal clear on your needs. Tuesday 23rd July, Oxford (location to be confirmed) where we shall present a first prototype of the platform.


About INSTA Associates

INSTA Associates is led Michele Scataglini and Nigel Greenhill, alumni of the Saïd Business School. The activities and methodologies of INSTA Associates are inspired by their experience on the Strategy and Innovation post graduate diploma at the Saïd Business School and work with Prof. MJ Ventresca, and built upon their learnings over the past 20 years, consolidated into an advisory toolkit used to advise corporates and entrepreneurs.

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