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Invitation to join Innovation Forum Oxford

Tomasz Dobrzycki Written by Tomasz Dobrzycki
Published on 04 December 2016
2 min. read

Are you interested…

…in getting to know the Oxfordshire start-up ecosystem?
…in understanding the intersection between business and science?
…in developing your own entrepreneurial skills?
…in building an international network with innovation thought leaders?
…in innovation-related careers (launching your own start-up, technology transfer, venture capital, patent law, etc.)?

Then you should join our team of entrepreneurial-minded scientists!


Innovation Forum Oxford is part of a global platform promoting innovative technology development. Our mission is to support science entrepreneurs by mentoring and facilitating access to industry expertise and investment.

How do we do this? By organising: 

  1. An annual Innovation Leaders Conference held at Oxford in 2017
  2. The Oxford and global finals of the “Imagine IF!” start-up accelerator
  3. A series of lectures on Health and Life Sciences Entrepreneurship
  4. Other innovative initiatives that you could be leading and/or be a part of!
  5. Writing editorial articles on innovation in Oxfordshire and globally

Sounds interesting to you? Drop us an email.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you,
Committee of Innovation Forum Oxford
[email protected]

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