Dr Tom Peach

Marketing and Communications Associate

Biomedical Engineering Post-Doc

Tom is a Biomedical Engineering researcher currently based at University College London. He holds a DPhil (PhD) in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Oxford, and both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Tom's current research focuses on medical device development and modeling, particularly in the cardiovascular and cerebral spaces. He consults for a number of medical device spinouts, and has a passion for research and the medical device industry--from basic science to start-ups and commercialisation.

Tom works with the Marketing and Communications team at the Oxford branch of Innovation Forum spending his time writing, website editing, and event organising to help connect cutting-edge innovative thinkers throughout the city. Tom believes passionately in bringing a diverse group of people to the table, where everyone can share insights and forge innovative solutions to some of our biggest challenges.

Stay tuned for news on the A.C.E. Saturdays 2018 program, a series of workshops that will empower participants to make greater personal contributions to Oxford’s knowledge economy.

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