Self-Pitching Masterclass

Saturday, June 30th 2018


09:00 – 15:00 (GMT)

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Self-Pitching Masterclass: Showcasing What Makes You Exceptional

Venue: Oxford University Careers Service (56 Banbury Rd, OX2 6PA)

Do  you know that you look brilliant on paper but you dread an important presentation or a job interview? 

Does pitching yourself or your ideas feel like a skill other people have that you were never taught?

What would happen if you could influence the decision-making of others?

Do you want to be the person in the room who makes people sit-up and say “wow”?


You can be a powerful and influential presence…but like most people you probably have never had the chance to exercise your communication muscles.


Join us on June 30th for a half-day workshop with experts from Stemm Commercial to learn the skills and practise of effective communication and pitching yourself.

In this experience-driven workshop we will be exploring powerful concepts at the heart of influential communication including:

  • Identifying your audience
  • Understanding how to reach them
  • Defining your personal “why?”
  • Learning how to deliver a persuasive performance
  • Embracing your personal brand and remaining genuine


You will leave the masterclass with new skills and knowledge as well as a honed self-pitch ready to impress decision-makers, potential collaborators or future bosses.


The day will culminate with the option to record your one-minute self-pitch, which can then be taken away as a ready-made resource to share online and help you always make the best first impression.


09:00     Registration- Tea & Coffee

09:30     Introductions

09.45     The Fundamentals of Good Communication, Shaping the Content

10.45     Coffee Break

11.00     Introduction and How to Hook your Audience, Video practice and feedback

12.15     Lunch

12:45     Building Effective Online Presence - IT Services

13.30     Audience Analysis and the You:I Ratio, Personal Impact including stress management

15.00     Coffee break and last individual Video recording (to be handed over, optional)


This is the third workshop of the A.C.E. Saturdays series supported by the University of Oxford KEI Seed Fund, the WIMM, Oxford BRC and the Careers Service.


Meet our Experts

Sarah McCloughry - Co-founder of Stemm Commercial


Sarah has inspired others to achieve leadership performance through theatre teaching, psychotherapy, coaching and training for the past 40 years. She has worked with teenagers, adults, ex-prisoners and senior executives.

These days, as well as being co-founder of STEMM Commercial, Sarah trains and coaches leaders with a STEMM background to win influence, advancement and stakeholder buy-in. She works in not-for-profit organisations such as the Stockholm Environment Institute as well as in commercial organisations such as Cisco, Skanska and Astrium (EADS) and SMEs. In partnership with Oxford University’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, she has designed and delivered programmes for STEMM doctoral researchers to attract engagement and buy-in at conferences, develop business awareness and improve their interview skills to advance their innovation.

Stephen Eyre - IT Services, University of Oxford

Stephen Eyre has been teaching web, online presence and film-making at the University of Oxford for 9 years and has helped hundreds of staff and students to  improve their online presence during this time. Stephen centres his teaching around core principles of sustainable strategy, amplification of practice and appreciation of scale. He believes that people really succeed with their presence when they see no boundaries between their daily practice and the way they promote it digitally. Stephen has also taught undergraduate composition at Oxford Brookes University and is completing his PhD in music at the same university.

Emma Procter-Legg - IT Services, University of Oxford

Emma Procter-Legg has a degree in Business Administration & Management and Music and a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education from Oxford Brookes University. She currently works as an independent consultant in addition to working for the University of Oxford IT Services as an IT Teacher in the IT Learning Centre, and as an Associate Lecturer in Distance Learning at Anglia Ruskin University. She has been responsible for the social media output and dissemination of a number of funded research projects, whilst working as a researcher.

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