Innovation in Child Health Hackathon

Wednesday, April 24th 2024

16:31 – 16:31 (GMT)

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Innovation in Child Health Hackathon

Venue: Oxford University Careers Service (56 Banbury Rd, OX2 6PA)

Innovation Forum Oxford acknowledges the need for creating awareness for paediatric innovation amongst our science entrepreneurs, academics, healthcare providers and all the stakeholders that can support. Our campaign is focussed on bringing new energy and ideas to the many unsolved challenges across paediatric care—and echoing the words of innovator and paediatric cardiologist Dr. Anthony Chang: “The best and fastest way to innovate, is to collaborate.”

On 12th May 2018, join Innovation Forum Oxford in solving real-life child health challenges in an event organised in collaboration with the charity "Thinking of Oscar" and the product design and development consultantcy "Triteq". Prof Alejandro Lecuna and Morganne Graves, experts in design thinking, will lead and facilitate the hackathon guided by experts' and end-users' input.

You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of the topics, as all training will be provided on the day. The important thing is to bring your unique and diverse perspective to the table—we want to hear from you, whether you’re a philosopher, scientist, designer, parent, MBA, coder, clinician, sociologist, historian, end user, or patient.

This is one of two workshops focussed on Design Thinking and Innovation exploring the diverse themes of future transport and health innovations. Both workshops require no prior knowledge, but we strongly recommend attending both sessions to really fire-up your problem-solving skills and passions.



08:30 Registration (with Croissants, Tea and Coffee)

09:00 Welcome

09:05 Innovation Forum Introduction

09:10 Thinking of Oscar and Dr Janet Craze Introductions

09:30 Design Thinking Introduction

10:00 Design Thinking Workshop

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Design Thinking Workshop

17:00 Team Pitches

18:00 Real World Medical Devices and Design Thinking, Jeroen Bergmann

18:30 Winner Announced, Dinner and Wine Reception


Meet our Experts

Professor Alejandro Lecuna - University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics, Berlin

Prof. Alejandro Lecuna is a Berlin-based innovation designer, inventor, entrepreneur, and academic. In his design career, spanning over 25 years, he has consulted for large corporations, non-profits and start-ups within various industries (i.a. telecommunication, finance, education, automotive, digital) enabling them to conceive, evaluate and realize innovative ideas. Today he is Chief Design Officer of, a well funded eGrocery start-up based in Boston which brings together online ordering technology with robotic product handling. Alejandro has taught user centered design in Europe, South America and Asia. His teaching career started at the International Master of Integrated Design at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau. He later funded and became Head of Programme of the Master of Strategic design at the Design Academy Berlin, bringing research-based design, methodology and strategy together under one programme. He is Visiting Professor at the Hasso Plattner Institute’s D.School in Potsdam where he teaches Design Thinking. Today, Alejandro is Professor for design and innovation at the University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics in Berlin. His research focuses on the impact of design tools for supporting the collaborative creative process and for learning the design thinking mindset.

Morganne Graves - phi360

Morganne is an alumna of the University of Oxford (English and German) and the Advanced Track at the HPI School of Design Thinking in Berlin. She works as a coach in Design Thinking and organisational transformation, with a focus on sustainability and building cultures of collaboration. She is both a freelancer and a core team member of phi360 (, a small Berlin-based agency, which works with major clients such as Audi, PwC and BNP Paribas. Currently, phi360 is the creative force behind the long-term Driversity project (, which is focussed on co-creating environmentally sustainable solutions in the field of mobility, bringing together employees, companies and start-ups.

Her favourite thing about her job is seeing people with different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, collaborate creatively on a project- and enjoy the experience!

Katherine Twomey - Strategic & Business Designer, Turner International 

Katherine is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, with a double-major in Cinema Studies and Documentary Film & TV Production. While she moved away from creating films into building products and services, much of the methodology of conducting research, synthesizing insights and building narratives stayed the same. To gain a deeper understanding for service design and design thinking methodologies, she went on to attend the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

She worked as a Strategic Designer with the BCG Digital Ventures in Berlin, using design thinking methodologies to identify new business opportunities in various industries to ultimately build startups with corporate partners. She’s worked for a variety of clients and industries, including automotive, insurance and healthcare.

Recently, she’s moved to London to help build up the in-house Digital Ventures & Innovation unit at Turner International, working directly with brands such as Cartoon Network, CNN, etc. as a Strategic and Business Designer, she identifies new opportunity areas and potential startup partnerships through design sprints and user research. She’s also driving internal initiatives for company-wide customer-centric thinking.

Liliana Lambriev - Graphic & Strategic Designer

Liliana is a freelance graphic and strategic designer, who got her start over eleven years ago in advertising and the international film industry. Here she specialized in developing concepts and prototypes for contemporary and period graphic props that were essential to the movie's plot and setting.

Her experience from working in the film industry has translated directly into her work with complex consumer and business opportunities. Both require intense research, analysis, and the ability to transform concepts into graphic solutions.

For the last three years, Liliana has been working in Human-Centered Design, using elements of Service Design, Business Innovation, and Design Research principles to design for impact with a client base in Scandinavia, Brazil, United Kingdom and beyond. She has had the pleasure to be working in a variety of industries, including aviation, sports, media, insurance, healthcare and healthy living.

Looking at design in a broader social context allows her to connect strategic thinking, visual communication, and dynamic storytelling to create useful and meaningful solutions to the ever-changing challenges of our world.

Hannah and David Cole - Founders, Thinking of Oscar

Hannah and David are founders of Thinking of Oscar—a charity dedicated to the memory of their son Oscar, which supports children and their families in hospital with advocacy and support of technological innovation.

Hannah works for an artificial intelligence start up as their SVP of Sales and has an MBA from Henley Business School. She has spent over 20 years working in a variety of sales, marketing and leadership roles for large multi nationals including IBM and Software AG.

David works for IBM’s Cognitive Computing division Watson, where he leads the Health Innovation team for Europe. Watson is changing the face of healthcare by augmenting human expertise by helping to put the right information in the hands of clinicians in order that they can make the best decisions for their patients.

Dr Janet Craze - Consultant Paediatrician

Janet is a consultant based at the Oxford Children's Hospital and will be leading a team of paediatric clinicians on the day of the Hackathon.

Angela Hobbs - Triteq

Angela is Managing Director of Triteq and will be leading a team of expert medical device designers and innovators. 

Professor Jeroen Bergmann - University of Oxford and Oxford Biodesign

Prof Jeroen Bergmann is Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering Science and Senior Research Fellow in Engineering & Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford, the Group Leader of the Natural Interactions Lab, a Lecturer at Christ Church and Director of the Oxford Biodesign programme. His research interest is in developing new preventative and assistive technologies that allows for more natural interactions. He has experience in developing laboratory prototypes and taking them through clinical validation to make a real-world impact. His work focuses on the development, design and application of novel healthcare technologies. Active projects consist of creating wearables sensors for physical activity monitoring in extreme conditions, researching new solutions for limb-deficient patients, virtual prototyping and design affordability. His research vision is to prevent more people from becoming patients by creating innovative solutions.

Zachary Yerushalmi - Oxford Sciences Innovation

Zachary is a Principal at OSI (Oxford Sciences Innovation Plc.) where he works with the University’s world-leading researchers to commercialise and develop the university’s intellectual property into market-leading companies. OSI has raised more than £600M to build an ecosystem that brings Oxford’s ideas to the world.


New Marston Primary School, Oxford

Thanks to Year 6 teacher Mr Field and Headteacher Mrs Smith from New Marston Primary School, who with the help of pupils and parents were kind enough to share their experiences of healthcare with us.

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