Oxford Final of IMAGINEIF! 2022

Wednesday, July 20th 2022

Oxford Foundry

17:30 – 19:30 (GMT)

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IMAGINEIF! Oxford Pitching Competition showcasing early stage Health and Life Sciences start-ups

17:30, 20th July 2022

Oxford Foundry


Join us at the Oxford Foundry on Wednesday July 20th for the Oxford final of IMAGINE IF! 2022 where start-up teams supported by the programme will be pitching to an investor panel of judges and showcasing their innovations. The local Final represents the culmination of the IMAGINE IF! programme of workshops and bespoke mentorship.

This event is a perfect opportunity for audience members to witness and support the innovative talent of the Oxford region and to gain insights into the local start-up ecosystem, as well as to learn about the contributions of the Innovation Forum to this ecosystem. We encourage anyone with a keen interest in science and business to attend this event.



IMAGINE IF! is a global accelerator with a dedicated program of mentorship and the opportunity to pitch to an investor panel to win non-dilutive capital and six-month’s lab space. The competition is tailored to early state ideas with a particular focus on technology and science that transforms healthcare and the environment. The competition is run by Innovation Forum as Local Finals tied to Innovation Forum branches (like Oxford) and a Global Final of winners from across the globe.


Sponsorship and Prizes

The Oxford IMAGINEIF! final is part of the Innovation Forum Global programme offering a non-dilutive cash prize of up to $20k and six-months of free lab space to winners.


Judging Panel

Knowing the vital role of exposing start-ups to real investors as early as possible, the Oxford IMAGINE IF! judging panel covers a range of expertise, including angel and institutional investors.


Meet the Startups Pitching


Asiye Karakullukçu and Mürsel Baydemir

Current infection monitoring systems are time-consuming, all lab-based, require lab facilities and experts. We have a novel patent-pending electrochemical sensing platform for blood-based infection measuring portable biosensor to screen infections in under five minutes to save lives, time and money.


Evolvere Biosciences

Piotr Jedryszek, Weronika Slesak, and Adam Winnifrith

We are developing a new class of antibiotics to solve one of the greatest public healthcare challenges of our time – antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. Our antibiotics will change the paradigm by which antibiotics can be prescribed because they are specific, limit resistance emergence, and can be easily adjusted to changing strains to keep up with any resistance that does emerge.



Yushi Li, Manan Pant, Zinuo Wu, Milan Patel, Bowen Cheng, and Evan Burke

At Miteskill, we are a science driven team who have uncompromising pursuit of excellence. By harnessing the power of nature, we are developing precision skincare that encompasses treatment and prevention of common skin conditions acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, blepharitis and seborrheic dermatitis. It will be a solution for the long term, restoring a healthy skin and preventing recurring conditions in the affected individual. We place emphasis in being natural and gentle to the skin. The product will be non-prescription based. Our target audience is people with the associated skin conditions, especially people below the age of 35.


Plastron UK Ltd / Orbital Life Sciences

Charlie Young, Chris Smith, and Graham Schultz

Plastron designs and implements new and novel supply-chains to support safe and high-quality productivity and innovation in the NewSpace sector exclusively.



Anna Huhn, Travis Prescod, and Annie Thomas

Our company is developing a novel technology to improve the efficiency and reliability of exosomes as a drug-delivery vehicle. We are also building a screening system that will allow us to optimise drug loading for a range of therapeutics without the need to modify our core technology individually for each new drug.

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