How to define your target market – Lecture

Tuesday, June 25th 2024

01:51 – 01:51 (GMT)

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So, you’ve developed an idea for a business, have begun to build a small team and are preparing to raise initial capital. But what’s missing? Surprisingly, many ventures don’t succeed because actually, they fail to properly define their target market at the outset. If you don’t know precisely whom you’re aiming to sell to and why you want to sell to them, you won’t succeed, no matter how good your idea or product is. So how do you identify your target market, its size, growth and value?

Join the Oxford Innovation Forum on November 30th at the JR Hospital where Mr Neil Butler, the CEO of Spectromics will share his extensive experience, providing practical points on how best to develop a target market strategy and ensure that any business idea maximises its chance of success.

After the seminar there will be an opportunity for networking, so whether you have an interest in innovation, possess skills or advice to offer to startups or are an established entrepreneur,we look forward to seeing you for what promises to be a fantastic evening.

This lecture series is a part of the IMAGINE IF! accelerator programme, designed to inspire and foster grassroots innovation. The business idea competition provides support, mentorship and opportunity to secure $30,000 of non-diluted capital.

This session is part of a series on entrepreneurship in health and life-sciences organised by Innovation Forum Oxford, in collaboration with the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine.

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The majority of my career has involved managing technology businesses, with the past 17 years focused on medical diagnostics within young entrepreneurial companies. My executive career in diagnostics focused on taking conceptual technologies through to companies ready for commercial sales and investor exit. For the past 5 years I have devoted most of my time to non-executive board positions of young diagnostic companies.
I have worked on a full spectrum of analytical technologies including immunochemistry, electrochemistry, nucleic acid, cell counting, single cell analysis and sequencing. A majority of the diagnostic businesses that I have led have been involved with near-patient testing or portable systems suited to use in decentralised settings, rather than for high throughput laboratory testing. This has involved building an understanding of the regulatory approach as well as the clinical pathways and healthcare economics. Relationships have been established with many of the large IVD companies.
I have personally been involved with raising $100m over about 10 financing rounds from European / US investors. Also I have had experience from the VC side of transactions with recent investment due diligence assignments for Novartis Ventures and other VC’s.
My earlier career was spent in large corporates involving polymers and semi-finished products used in medical devices / electronics involving management positions including production, product management, sales and marketing.


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