Dr Justyna Zaborowska

Events Associate

Justyna obtained an MSc in Molecular Biology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland. In 2013, she received a DPhil in Pathology from the University of Oxford for her work with Professor Shona Murphy on the regulation of mammalian snRNA gene expression. Justyna is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in Professor Murphy’s laboratory. Her aim is to understand the role of kinases and phosphatases in the transcription of human protein-coding genes.

Justyna participates in a number of outreach programmes to promote science in the wider community, including television and radio interviews, and works as a local Ambassador for the Biochemical Society and Event Coordinator for the Innovation Forum Oxford. In addition, she has further qualifications in politics and is involved in influencing science policy through scientific debates at the House of Commons, aimed at promoting the importance of science funding during the current economic cuts. She is also currently running a startup that develops organic cosmetics.

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